The NOPD Mounted Patrol currently has 24 horses with an authorized 8 full time riders and a number of part time riders. Trained NOPD riders are called upon on an as needed basis. The NOPD Mounted program has been serving the New Orleans community for almost 100 years.  

New Orleans, more than any other city in America, relies on its Mounted Patrol for high visibility, crowd control, deterring crime and community policing. The first sight of a Mounted Officer is one many visitors to Bourbon Street often remember and photograph.  To keep this valuable resource in protecting and servicing our community your help is needed!   The Angola State Penitentiary once provided more than 75% of the horses used by the New Orleans Mounted Patrol. That program no longer exists, costing the Mounted Patrol its primary source of quality police horses to replenish the mounted stock on a yearly basis. In order to maintain current and future levels of quality horses the New Orleans Mounted Patrol recently started their own breeding program.


Our Mission

 Mounted COPS NOLA is a recently formed 501 c 3 non-profit corporation who's principle objective is to assist and support the New Orleans Police Department officers, personnel and particular that of the Mounted Unit.  Its goals are to assist in funding equipment and programs, boost morale of police officers as well as create and promote a positive image of Police Officers in the community.

What We've Achieved

  • In 2017, our first two new foals were born!
  • Our Annual event, Horses, Hops and Cops, continues to be a major source of funding for the unit.